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  • EuroTek 06

    Eurotek Records 06 / Eurotek Italia...

    9,99 € 11,99 €

Metrik Teknomad There are 14 products.

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  • 11,99 € In Stock

    4 Official Remixes with French Lyrics, + one hiphop french original tune (R2T : Rap de Teuf). This record contains 5 generous banging tunes written by Neurokontrol, Metrik Teknomad, CousR2R, featuring remixes of Yannis Odua, CousR2R, Missah, Matt Tracker, Salaryman. DIGITAL LINK:...

    11,99 €
    In Stock
  • 9,99 € 11,99 € In Stock

    4 tunes written by Sagsag, Smill DSP, Akouphen, Metrik, The Mister X. Raving Tribe, Hardtek, Old School Release! Listen To It! Manufactured Limited Quantities >>> Available 2014 AUGUST DIGITAL LINK: FULL AFK DIGITAL CATALOG

    9,99 € 11,99 €
    In Stock
  • 11,99 € In Stock

    4 tunes written by Sagsag, Metrik, RhythmStorm. Raving Tribe, Hardtek, Old School Release! Listen To It! Manufactured Limited Quantities >>> Available 2015 MAY. DIGITAL LINK: FULL AFK DIGITAL CATALOG

    11,99 €
    In Stock
  • Anticeptik Kaotek : Facebook, Soundcloud, Youtube French producer from the freeparty, he co-founded KAOTEK Soundsystem and got into Hardtek in 2003. He started promoting his events and dee-jaying Frenchcore in 2005/2006 In 2007 he produced his first original tracks which were released by ASTROFONIK and UNDERGROUNDTEKNO labels. In 2010 he designed...

  • Ben 9mm : Facebook, Soundcloud Founder of the labels 9mm, Hangover and Analog Replicant,Ben has released more than 30 records and remixes between 2003 and 2011 also collaborating with notorious labels such as Astrofonik, Le Diable Au Corps, Nazar Bazard, Senseless records... Known for his Livesets made of pure Hardtek, Ben played at numerous clubs,...

  • Billx : Facebook, Soundcloud A major player on the European Rave scene, Billx established himself very rapidly as one of the pioneers of “Hardtek” music. Producing hit after hit on all the biggest labels, he composed a year avant-garde music which rocketed rave music in all the biggest festivals with titles such as “Eclipse” and “Smash”. Billx has a big...

  • Darktek : Facebook, Soundcloud, Youtube Bob, aka "Darktek" is an artist of 29 years, blending sounds, Tribecore and Dubstep, mainly based on the captivating melodies and skewed humour! All of them, at a pace leading to 170 to 200Bpm! Lover of vibrations and component since 2007, this young dj surfs on all styles! Hardcore, Tribecore, Frenchcore, and...

  • Dr. Looney : Facebook, Soundcloud Since more than ten years Dr. LoOney travels from Paris to Prague passing by Japan, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Spain, Lituany, Germany, Poland, Switzerland and more to Burn the dancefloors with his happy, acidified, and cheezy pumping tribe. During this 10 last years, Dr. Looney released many records on different labels...

  • Fat Dot : Facebook, Soundcloud Producer / Live francais (Valencia) : Trance, progressive, Dirtyprog. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- BOOKING:

  • FKY : Discogs, Soundcloud It seems far away the time when FKY was preferred in self-taught on his protakeur on the Amiga and his beat box Roland R8, at the beginning of the 90s... It came out in 95, under the leadership of Marco Kanyaar, his first album under the name of Akick to the sides of the Cyberskum. Yet there are still traces today of the...

  • Floxytek : Facebook, Soundcloud Floxytek's childhood was spent between the South of France and the Normandy beaches listening to the cutting beat of hip hop. Then, he discovered the everlasting repetitive sound of tekno and became addicted to it. In 2003 he created with close friends his own crew ‘Marsatek’ and began to play and spread the hard beat of...

  • Format C: : Facebook, Soundcloud Producer, Live act, Dj / Member of the Monotonsystem from Dresden.His powerful and style spreading music brings the people to move on the dancefloors everywhere. His new analog liveset is a very special and excellent sounding performance which you can't miss! Sometimes more hardcore, sometimes more tribal – but always...

  • Freak Factory : Facebook, Soundcloud aKa The MISTER X (Core-tex Labs /TMX Prod) Vs METRIK (Teknomad) Artist Duo French in Grenoble, producer and live performer on machines, hardware,Styles : Old school / Tekno / Dirty / Acid / Mental / Techno Product on AstroFonik / Old Skull....

  • Metrik Teknomad : Facebook, Soundcloud Artist French of Grenoble, Old school / Tekno / Acid / Hard Musik. Product on AstroFonik / Old Skull / Balarace Prod / Hard Activity.A member of the duo Freak Factory. -----------------------------------------------------------------------BOOKING:

Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items