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Teknambul distills a unique Hardtek / Drum'n'bass style with many technical skills, hip-hop / ragga samples, scratch and bloody breaks.

Teknambul was founded in 1996 by Alex and Guillaume to organize free parties. They kept close to the main actors of the underground scene at that time such as Metek, OQP, UBIK...

In 1998, they started producing their own music, their first LP “Shock Front”, signed on the Okupé label, producted at more than 4000 copies, stay a reference in the Hardtek – Tribe movement. Their next production, mainly supported by the mythic label AXIUM, were massively played over the european dancefloors. They also released some tracks on labels such as Metek, Ubik, Psychoquake, Ummologik, Hallucidité, Astrofonik.

Since 2013, they mainly focused on producing Hardtek & Drum'n'bass and played live around Europe at gigs and festivals like RAVE (EN), End of the world (ES), X-Massacre (CZ), Tekno Legends (IT), Nocturnal disturbances (EN), Livello59 (IT)...

BOOKING: http://www.electrobooking.com/artist/teknambul

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