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This training first-time musicians (keyboard, trumpet, saxophone), singers and a Dj/Machines will take you into their universe with multiple influences : reggae/ragga/dub/drum&bass/techno/hardtek/hitech/raggatek ... and ignite literally dancefloors with their boundless energy, this new group occurs as much on the scenes of electro/techno/hardtek that reaggae/dub , and adapts to LIVE in each evening to better fit the atmosphere up to its peak !

- Neurokontrol (aka Neokontrol) prevails on the scene of rave parties since the late 90's under the name N'ko (UTF) in the Marseille region. Quickly produced by Tekita, LSDF, Le Diable Au Corps...,  he created in 2003 the label Astrofonik Records, and mounts the RAGGATEK LIVE BAND in 2015, with MissaH Alex and the group's "Rules Of Peace", and will then be grafted Weedo and Szmerzik.

- MissaH and Weedo are singers reggae/ ragga, active member of the reggae scene since 2009, between Reggae, Hip Hop and Dancehall, they create their universe in order to provide it with energy on stage.

- Alex is a musician outside the norm, a native of the grenoble region, a keyboardist and a trumpeter, and also a composer / arranger / sound engineer / beatmaker. Active member of the scene since 2010, he has also collaborated with with artists such as Bhale Bacce (dub), Dub-Addict (brass), Leaves, roots (mastering)...

- Szmerzik is the saxophonist of the group, it will amaze you by its solos / improvisation-syncs on electronic beats, a fusion of styles is intoxicating, a Jazzy side and very punchy.

BOOKING: http://www.electrobooking.com/artist/raggatek-live-band

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