The Mastery

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French DJ/producer with a big and diverse passion for music, influenced by classical music since the youngest childhood, he discovered electronic music in 90's years and became a true fanatic of the art of sound creation.
He started producing techno music at the age of 13 and as he became a fan of turntablism, he decided to start djing in 1998.
Since the 2000's he grew as an DJ and has performed at many world countries and events, with highlights like : Colombia, Japan, Brasil, Masters of Hardcore (Holland), End of the world Festival (Spain), Lake parade (Switzerland), Xmassacre (Prague) - Vive la Frenchcore (Holland) Frenchcore please (Holland)...
The Mastery performs with cdj with insane turntablism skills !
Produced on labels such as Social TeknologyEmperia / Thunderdome / Exode / AudioDeadAct / Frenchcore Heroes / Peacock Records / Audiogenic / Frenchcore Svp / Psychik Genocide / Altern-Hate / Arena / Astrofonik / Underground Music / Cheese Graterz / HeadFuck / Necrosociety / Itchy & Scratchy / Destro Records / Interactive Distortion / War / UltimHate / Wishcraft Records / Nordcore Records / Thorntree Records / Holokaust 666tem / Hardsonic / Platinoids / Beat Syndikat / Utopia / Abralcore...

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