It seems far away the time when FKY was preferred in self-taught on his protakeur on the Amiga and his beat box Roland R8, at the beginning of the 90s... It came out in 95, under the leadership of Marco Kanyaar, his first album under the name of Akick to the sides of the Cyberskum. Yet there are still traces today of the recklessness of the debut, those beats that panic to the point of making us lose control of our senses. It starts to burst at the concerts of training such as Massilia Sound System, MDC, 7 Seconds... the mix of genres being decidedly not a problem.

His first real contact with electronic music, he was listening to the music disk demo running on Amiga 500 but also in contact with the Spiral Tribe when they landed in the south of France. He is immediately seduced by the festivities free of charge in the wood, people who come together to share long moments of osmosis in music and revelling, barrier-free looking to be away from the general uniformity. Activist within the Free, he goes on dates and vinyls, alternating compositions Breakbeat & Tek radical.

After you have shaken the body, FKY invites us to calm our minds and make a stop on the side of the galaxy Aphex Twin with " Tripotage ".

Artist facets mutant and versatile than we expected much more certainly on the Hardtek rampant.


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