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Candy : Soundcloud

Candy is part of these electronics elevated to the rave the most wild and entertaining as possible 90's.
Real machine to produce desreleases, in 10 years he has managed to cultivate a versatility that artistic to offrirà la culture electro more than fifty maxis and dozens of titles in digital in styles totally different, ranging mainly in drum&bass, ragga jungle to electro and techno, through breakbeat and more recently, in the dubstep. He touches everything with perfection !

Signed on the labels of Enfants Sages (Le Redresseur de Torts) and Expressillon, it is any time with Toonzshop Records, which unfolds its wings. Artist flagship of this label, it is a sign of (very) many productions on multiple sublabels of Toonzshop Records, with over ten maxis Ragga Jungle with Znootpoch, a fifteen Electro Techno on Chapati Express,and many other Drum&Bass Jungle Therapy and, more recently, he dabbled in Dubstep on a meditative Beats. We can say that this label gives carte blanche to Candy, and no worries it happens to fit !

When these Lives Candy operates all facets of the electronic music, mixing bass and heavy kicks, energetic, original compositions and remixes.
Each of his productions are the effect of a real bomb sound, there is no doubt that the most fervent followers of the dancefloor are going to move, by shaking of the head with frenzy until orgasm extreme!Be careful not to go near, he becomes an artist impossible to circumvent of the Electro scene in france !


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