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Adrenokrome has always bathed in a musical universe. Child, he was fascinated by synthesizers and starts to play it. He listens all kind of music and discovers the Hardcore at the age of 12 years, thanks to the compilation "Thunderdome" : a slap in the face !

It creates a crew, " Cyber Core ", and organizes parties and free parties. After 3 years of teufs, Adrenokrome decides to focus on the production of music, refine her technique and find her own style. Models : Micropoint, Manu le Malin, Laurent Ho.

He puts his tracks on the net and meeting Sonnotek and Noar, who show him the founder of Astrofonik. Follows the release of an EP in versus with Sonnotek "Prostitution Sonore", and then others on the label "Homicidal Gang". It is then produced by Audiogenic, Noistorm, Neurotoxic...

Regularly booked across Europe , Adrenokrome reminds us to each of his appearances on stage he is a showman without peer, and proves with panache that the succession is assured !


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