!!! Music Rave Without Borders !!!

AstroFoniK Records is an independent label mainly dedicated to electronic music and to the culture of RAVE, which was created in 2003 by WaKeFieldz & Neurokontrol, 3 Livers & Djs Producers who are producing since 1998 on the Rave scene in Utopik Tekno Family (UTF), a collective and Sound System of the South-East of France.

Our catalog exclusive account more than 3000 titles compiled on more than 500 achievements, through a fifty divisions, on which are present some of the major artists of the electronic scene alternative (Acid, Drum & Bass, Techno, Hardtek, Tribe, Raggatek, Trance, Hi-tech, Frenchcore...).

Our catalog is enriched each year of new releases that we distribute on physical media (Vinyls, Cds...), and digital (Streaming, Mp3, etc.).