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For any commercial question related to the distribution of our catalog for Non-Professional Customers (Catalog, article, service, order, After Sales Service ...)

To submit a production project that you wish to publish in the AstroFoniK Records catalog (see Licensing & Demo). PS: Due to the volume of files to be processed, we will only answer to the carriers of the projects that we have selected.

For all questions related to the promotion of the record label AstroFoniK Records, its website, its catalog and the artists producers it publishes (News, Diary, Releases, Press Kit, Reportage, Interview ...)

For any question relating to the distribution of our catalog for Professional Customers Resellers Partners (Request, opening, operation, After Sales Service ...)

For any questions relating to the management of already validated farm licenses. PS: Because of the large processing volumes, the annual billing calls are exclusively sent to rights holders who have reached the payment limit and updated their data.

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