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Anticeptik Kaotek

Anticeptik Kaotek : Facebook, Soundcloud, Youtube

French producer from the freeparty, he co-founded KAOTEK Soundsystem and got into Hardtek in 2003.
He started promoting his events and dee-jaying Frenchcore in 2005/2006
In 2007 he produced his first original tracks which were released by ASTROFONIK and UNDERGROUNDTEKNO labels.

In 2010 he designed PROJEKT 87 (P.87) with another free-tekno artist: MYRDHIN a.k.a. D-OHMICYD and they set up the EXODE RECORDS label together in 2011.
In 2018 he joined forces with peers Harry PotarDr Looney & Keygen kaotic. performing as M4LEFIK, a group project combining Hardtek and Hardcore to produce a unique new style.

He has taken part in several Internet projects, with podcasters (KRISS from MINUTE PAPILLON and LE CLUBIRD), and has made appearances on SALUT LES GEEKS and has featured in YouTube videos
He composed the score for the ARMOGASTE video game

ANTICEPTIK has heaps of sources of inspiration which he uses to produce his own very melodic style, cleverly blending Bass music and Hardtekno. But he also likes to play around with other genres and is currently working on THE AWKWARD, his take on Trip Hop and Classic.


Vidéos de Anticeptik

Zone-33 - THX 1138 (ANTICEPTIK remix)
ANTICEPTIK KAOTEK - Take time (E-Bit album)
ANTICEPTIK KAOTEK - Lonely night (E-Bit album)
ANTICEPTIK - kick the anthill (ASTROLOGY 22)

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