OVNIREC 09 & 10 (Picture)



OVNI Records 09-10 (OVNIREC009010V) is a Best Of Compilation selected from OVNI Records 09 (INDIA) & OVNI Records 10 (ABDUXIONS) pressed on a Picture vinyl EP 12" by OVNI Records, AstroFoniK division 2018.
Contains 8 tunes produced by Angry Luna, Wikileadz, Neokontrol, Popek, The Ovni Show.
Vinyl Recuts short edits to enjoy 8 tracks on the vinyl !!!

Melt it with some original AstroFoniK Tribecore songs... The vinyl was pressed in 45 Rpm to be playable slower in 33 Rpm for a psytrance taste. Raving Trance, Hi-tech, Hard Trance Release, suprising ovni style to listen!